Ongoing study

Official Study Title
Gut-derived INCREtin hormones in the pathophysiology of Type 1 DiaBetes MeLlitus; Effect of Metformin treatment (the INCREDIBLE-ME trial)

Brief Description
INCREDIBLE-ME is a randomized clinical trial aiming to study the effect of adjunct metformin treatment to insulin monotherapy in patients with type 1 diabetes, targeting the intestinal incretin secretion.

Status: Recruiting
Study Type: Interventional (Clinical Trial)
Study phase: III
Study sites: 1 site in Greece
Target of enrolment: 44 participants Identifier: NCT04177303
EudraCT number: 2018-003022-89
National Organization for Medicines Approval: IS119-19
National Ethics Committee Approval: 121/19

Study Start: November 2019

Condition/Disease studied: Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Keywords: Metformin; Incretin hormones; Inflammation; Microbiome